Artist Statement

"I have always been drawn to figurative painting. I love exploring the complexities of our physical and spiritual selves without overt messaging and imagery, as I believe the simplicity of our outer forms is how we are represented to one another in everyday life. Today, we are overwhelmed with data easily accessed about politics, statistics, and various adventures. I believe we are losing connection to the utmost importance in our relationship to one another: the simplicity in engaging without all the outer attachments. My goal in painting is to capture what is physically there, and then engage the viewer to connect with the person painted beyond the physical: to see them as a unique and complex human being with a valued soul.
I work with oil paint as a medium as it captures not just a singular moment, but a moment that is rendered over a period of time. Painting multiple layers allows for a richness of detail and complexity to emerge. When I focus on the person in front of me, rendering the subject matter through paint on canvas, I believe that something deeper emerges. That something deeper is what I want to capture, explore further, and share with others."