Portrait Commissions


The following guideline is approximate and based on a single figure painting, oil on canvas. Prices vary according to size, number of figures portrayed, specific requests, etc.

16”x16”, head, $1,700.00 CAD
18”x24”, head and shoulders, $2,200.00 CAD
24”x30”, 1/2 body, $4,300.00 CAD
36”x60”, full body, $8,400.00 CAD
40”x55”: Corporate and Institutional Portrait Commissions, starting at $20,000.00 CAD

Prices are for the unframed finished canvas before tax. Framing and shipping are available upon request.


Once the painting process begins in studio, it takes approximately 1-2 months for the completion of a small portrait, and up to 6-8 months for larger works. Timing is subject to other projects underway.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid restrictions, meetings and poses will be adjusted according to government guidelines.

I can work from live sittings, a photograph, or a combination of both.

Live sittings can be done in my studio or at your home. Meetings take place 1-2 days per week for 1-2 hour sessions.

I can either work from a photo you already have, or I can take the photo. A photo needs to have good detail and excellent lighting.

A combination of both live sittings and photographs allows me to work with you in person while also working in my studio. When a person poses live, there is a vibrancy that is captured that I particularly love. The photo allows me to work in my studio between sittings, speeding up the process.